TITGEMEYER Group/Language

Tipper Systems

Air and hydraulic systems; cylinders, hand pumps and accessories. Tipper body fittings and complete 3-way tippers for lightweight vehicles.

Construction Profiles

Steel sections: channels, raves, posts, M-sections, top-hat and tipper sections, cross-members, chassis fittings, rubbing rails, bulkhead posts, tracks and rollers.

Aluminium Dropsides

Dropside profile systems 15, 20, 25 with or without tie rods. System 30 one-part profiles and aluminium cargo batons.

Dropside and Tilt Fittings, Tool Boxes

Dropside locks, hinges and accessories. Side posts, tilt tubes and fittings. Folding steps, chains and dropside lifting systems. Tool boxes in steel and plastic; fire extinguisher boxes.

Mudguards and wings

Mudguards and wings for car trailers, trucks, trailers and semi-trailers; steel, plastic, rubber and aluminium. Accessories and anti-spray.

GETO® Sider Curtainsider Kits and Components

Curtainsider kits consisting of ready-to-install front and rear portal-type frames for fixed or lifting roofs. Tensioners, ratchets, sliding pillars, curtain poles, curtain tracks, rollers and pelmets. Lifting roof systems.

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