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TIFAS® LockBolt pins and collars

A two-piece pin and collar fastening system for structural connections that are absolutely vibration proof with high shear, tensile and clamp strength. Quality assured: ISO/TS 16949 approved manufacture in the West Midlands of England.

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Product Information

TITGEMEYER TIFAS® LockBolts are a high performance pin and collar fastening system.

The workpiece must be accessible from both sides and installation i.e. swaging of the collar onto the pin is achieved using power tools.

The system offers significant advantages including:

  • vibration resistant, no loosening
  • high shear and tensile strength
  • permanent clamp force applied to the workpiece
  • quiet and simple installation
  • visual inspection
  • no special operator skill required

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TIFAS LockBolt® pin and collar fastening system
TIFAS LockBolt® pin and collars (imperial dimension)

TIFAS® LockBolt Installation

Installation of lockbolt pins and collars is simple, quiet and requires no special operator skill.

The installation procedure has 4 basic steps:

  • Pin is inserted in the prepared hole and collar is placed over the locking grooves.
  • The nose of the tool is placed over the pin tail and the trigger is pressed.
  • The tool jaws pull on the pull grooves clamping the joint tight before the collar is swaged into the locking grooves.
  • The pin tail breaks at a predetermined load leaving the finished joint

Please view the video below to see how the installation procedure works.

TIFAS® LockBolt Installation

TIOS® EL18 battery-operated installation tool

Made in England


Titgemeyer UK is approved by Lloyd's Register for 'manufacture of fastening systems' to the international automotive standard ISO/TS 16949:2009.

Access to the IMDS and approval procedures such as PPAP ensure that our products are quickly released for use in our customers' products.

Quality management systems to ISO 9001:2008 are in place throughout TITGEMEYER Group.

Quality Management

Application Examples

The German company CLAAS manufacture agricultural vehicles that fulfil the very highest standards of quality & performance. The company relies on TITGEMEYER products to keep meeting these standards.

Lockbolt pins and collars manufactured by TITGEMEYER join together the upper and lower housing of the elevator chain on CLAAS Avero combine harvesters.

This chain drives the conveyor that transports the grain from the inlet chute to the hopper.
The lockbolt system is the ideal solution to withstand high dynamic loads while performing its vital task of preventing any loosening of the joint.

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