TITGEMEYER Group/Language

CAPTIVE® self-clinch fasteners

Premium quality self-clinching nuts, studs, pins, stand-offs, plungers and panel fasteners

RIV-TI® Tubtara

Thick walled forged blind rivet nuts

RIV-TI® Clufix

High quality precision turned blind rivet nuts

RIV-TI® Internut

Light duty blind rivet nuts for metric and imperial hole sizes

RIV-TI® Flex

Elastic rivet nuts for sensitive materials

RIV-TI® Plus

High strength blind rivet nuts

TIBOLT® blind rivet studs

Blind rivet and threaded bolt in one. Additional components may be riveted during the installation process. Ideal for thin-walled sheets, profiles and hollow sections.

RIV-TI® Captive Nuts

Steel nuts in nylon or spring steel cages


Steel nuts and studs in plastic or spring steel cages

CV nut retainers

Steel nut in self-crimping steel cage

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