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TUBTARA® Special rivet nut solutions

Over the last 60 years TUBTARA® rivet nuts have become established as market leader for special rivet nut solutions, based on a long tradition of innovation and a constantly developing product portfolio.

TUBTARA® rivet nuts can be manufactured to suit the demands of almost every application. The examples below show a wide range of special solutions. If you think it can’t be done with a rivet nut then think again. Think TUBTARA®!

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Increased Torque-To-Turn / Spin-Out-Resistance

  • Anti-turn head (AT)
  • Adjusted body size
  • Splined (knurled) or hexagonal shank
  • Non-symmetrical body
  • Hex or splines under the head

Spacer Function

  • Guiding spacer ring (on top of a flat head)
  • Closed end
  • Long version
  • Thick head

Sealing Funktion

  • Hex body with closed end and O-ring seal (mechanical)
  • Applied sealant under head (chemical)

Controlled Deformation

  • Collar under head
  • Other wall thickness or chamber depth
  • Double chamber

Full Integration into parent material (E.G. Composites)

  • Moulded insertion
  • Perforated big Head

Flush Installation

  • Extra small head
  • Thin head
  • Large angle flush head

Visual Identification

  • Marks on head or body
  • No chamfer
  • Different chamfer


  • Centring ring on flat head
  • Thick head

Search Function (for Automatic Installation)

Pressure Spread

  • Large flat head 
  • bigHead
  • Long deformation chamber

Frequent usage after Installation (Turn Prevention)

  • Anti-turn head (AT)
  • Flat head with 2 cross flats
  • Flat Hex head

Compatibility with available Fasteners

  • Length adapted to suit length of bolts used
  • Extra long/short rivet nut
  • Closed end (fool proof for length of bolt)

Compatibility with available Tools

  • Flat hex head
  • Flat head with 2 cross flats (turned/held by hex spanner)

Drip Dry Function (Paint, Oil,..)

  • Closed end with hole in bottom

Blind Hole Installation and/or Limited Space

  • Extra short version
  • Small head diameter
  • Less thread

Special Thread Requirements

  • Metric, imperial, fine, no threads 
  • Thread lock 
  • Fully threaded without deformation chamber
  • Left-hand thread

Electrical conductivity

  • Piercing spikes on top of flat head

Increased Push-Out Force

  • Large head

Increased Pull-Out Force (Thread Strength)

  • More threads 
  • Optimized geometry


  • Mechanical thread lock 
  • Anti-rotation head (AT)
  • Chemical thread lock

Special Grip Range

  • Customized grip range
  • Longer/shorter grip range
  • Multigrip
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