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High performance battery operated installation tool for LockBolts and high-strength blind rivets.

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TIOS® EL18 battery operated installation tool

The TIOS® EL18 battery-operated installation tool for lockbolts and high-strength blind rivets.
Designed for industrial use, this tool offers cutting-edge technology, high performance, durability and easy maintenance all rolled into one. With its new technology and high-quality workman ship, the TIOS EL18 is at the technological forefront of currently available tools. The 18V Li-Ion battery technology provides for maximum mobility. Backed up by 18kN of tensile force, this tool is capable of installing standard lockbolts and high-strength blind rivet at a rate of 22 mm per second. Its low weight means it is easy to handle and can be used in any situation.

TIOS® EL18 Brochure
TIOS® EL18 Manual

Technical specifications

  • Range of application ø 4.8 – ø 6.4 mm lockbolts and high-strength blind rivets
  • Max. insertion force: 18 kN
  • Max. stroke: 25 mm
  • Weight 2.3 kg (incl. pulling head)
  • Battery: 2.0 Ah or 4.0 Ah

Features and benefits at a glance

  • Light and easy to use
  • Compact and ergonomic construction for maximum mobility
  • Quick, reliable installation of lockbolts and high-strength blind rivets
  • Low-weight (2.3 kg, incl. pulling head)
  • Universal use, easy and safe to use; no pneumatic or hydraulic hoses, or electric cables
  • Low running and tooling costs compared with pneumatic and hydraulic tools
  • Rapid change system for different pulling heads
  • Brushless, maintenance-free, high-performance motor
  • Large spent mandrel container
  • LED lamp
  • 18V rapid change lithium-ion battery
  • Super-fast charging of standard batteries (< 40 minutes)
  • Extremely long battery life per charge: up to 600 installations/battery charge
  • Twice as many lockbolt/rivet installations through optional TIOS LIO1840 rechargeable battery (4.0 Ah)

Pulling heads for use with TIOS EL18


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