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Heating and Ventilation

Industry specific sealants and adhesives complement our complete range of fasteners and installation tools for the manufacture of HVAC systems.

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Fastening Technology for Heating and Ventilation

A complete range for fans and ducting
TITGEMEYER offers a wide range of fasteners for the assembly of heating and ventilation equipment. From structural blind rivets for the fixing of fan blades to sealants and adhesives for sheet metal ducting.

Application Examples

TIFAS® LockBolt pins and collars are used on powder-coated fan assemblies. Lockbolts are completely vibration resistant and therefore the fixing can never become loose in-situ. Simple and quick installation eliminates the need for welding, which is expensive and requires careful testing and can be liable to cracking under cyclic loading.

Sealants and Adhesives

Sealants and adhesives for HVAC applications

Sealants and adhesives approved to the German VDI guideline 6022 Part 1, which covers the hygiene requirements for ventilation and air-conditioning systems and units.

VDI (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure) is the German Association of engineers and one of Germany’s most important regulatory bodies. Their guideline VDI 6022 ‘Ventilation and indoor-air quality – hygiene requirements for ventilation and air-conditioning systems and units (VDI Ventilation Code of Practice)’ Part 1, contains the requirements for HVAC systems regarding design, manufacture, execution, operation and maintenance, which are useful or necessary to ensure hygienic operation to protect people.


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