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TIFAS® Multigrip Blind Rivets

This blind rivet stands out for its wide grip range (which reduces inventory) and the diverse range of applications it can be used for. Benefits of the multigrip blind rivet: large blind-side footprint, suitable for thin sheeting, high tensile strength, good bearing pressure and vibration resistance.
The wide grip range is achieved through mulitple folding of the sleeve on the blind side.

TIFAS® Blind Rivets

Highly versatile blind rivet for riveting profiles, pipes, tubes and tanks, etc. Wide selection of material combinations and head shapes. In combination with high clamp load, this highly diverse range of blind rivets will always guarantee strong, secure riveted joints.

TIFAS® Earthing Rivets

Allows earthing connections to be installed, quickly, simply and reliably. Supplied with or without integrated blade terminals.

TIFAS® Grip Blind Rivets

Large blind-side footprint. Very suitable for thin sheeting. The securely fitting mandrel makes for vibration-proof applications. For high loads, the mandrel increases the tensile strength of the application depending on the thickness of the component. Dustproof and impermeable to water spray.

TIFAS® plastic blind rivets

Plastic blind rivet with relatively high tensile strength. Can be installed using standard tools.
Does not damage finished surfaces. Non-corrosive and watertight.

TIFAS® Clic Rivets

Nylon rivets specially designed for applications where the blind side is difficult to reach e.g. for the fastening of panels, signs, plaques, plates and covers. Non-corrosive and non-conductive.

TIFAS® Plastic Retaining Clips

Plastic rivet for through and blind hole applications, partially demountable. Especially useful on finished surfaces. Non-corrosive.

TIBULB Structural Blind Rivets

High strength blind rivets with mechanical mandrel retention. The large blind side footprint and low-profile head allows this rivet to be used in many applications that demand high tensile and vibration proof properties.

TIFAS® Bulb-tite Blind Rivets

Good gripping properties. During the setting process, three-way bulbs are formed to provide a wide blind side footprint. An air and water tight seal can be achieved using a neoprene washer. Mandrels are securely and mechanically retained.

M-LOCK Structural Blind Rivets

For high strength and secure fixing, even under dynamic load. Holes can be prepared to ensure joints are water and airtight. The mandrel always breaks flush, even when materials of varying strengths and thicknesses are present within the grip range.


Hammer-fit blind rivets are simple to fit from one side. Tamper-resistant after assembly with neat installed appearance.

POP® Standard blind rivets

The original blind rivet for connecting one or more components. The POP blind rivet is installed from one side and exerts a high contact pressure on the components to be joined and ensures a safe and secure connection.

POP® Soft-Special Blind Rivets

A special rivet with high clamp strength but low radial expansion. During the riveting process, the sleeve of the rivet body is split into 4 parts by the special shape of the mandrel head. The result is a wide blind-side footprint.

POP® Soft-Set blind rivets

Special blind rivet for particulary soft and brittle materials.

POP® LSR folding leg blind rivets

Secure, snug fit in metal/plastic connectors. Wide range of grip lengths. Suitable for soft composite materials. Designed for thin and delicate/damageable material. Can be used for large drill hole tolerances on the blind side.

POP® Blind Rivets with grooved sleeve

Specially designed for blind hole applications in soft materials e.g. wood and plastics and for all applications where the grooved sleeve is to engage securely in the cavity made by drilling into the base material. Depending on the component material used, the rivet connection is able to attain high extraction strength.

POP® Closed End Blind Rivets

The closed end rivet sleeve forms an airtight and watertight blind side bulb. Installed from one side only. High pressure is exerted on the parts to be joined and good hole-filling properties plus high shear and tensile strengths can be achieved.

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