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Success and tradition

On 1 April 1901, two brothers, Adolf and Fritz Titgemeyer, set up a wholesale business in Melle near Osnabrück (Germany) that sold requisites and tools for car builders and blacksmiths. The first areas to be served by this Melle-based business were Oldenburg, Emsland, Bremen, Hanover and the Lipperland. On 1 October 1908, the company relocated to Osnabrück and has been known ever since as “Gebr. Titgemeyer Osnabrück”, which also created the “GTO” trademark. These days, the trademark can be found as an oval-shaped symbol in the Titgemeyer logo.

Blacksmiths and cartwrights were among the main customers at the turn of the 20th century. These gave way to vehicle builders and bodybuilders in the 1920s and 1930s. A steadily growing range and the introduction of motorisation brought with it a change in clientele. Heavy axles, couplings, steel and aluminium profiles, mud guards and other vehicle parts were added to the range. By the 1950s, the company’s main focus had shifted to the manufacture and sale of vehicle components.

In the years that followed, the launch of our successful POP blind rivets (in 1954) laid the foundation for a second division, fastening technology. POP blind rivets were initially designed exclusively for fastening body panels to the types of framework that were common in vehicle manufacture at that time. Other markets very quickly followed, however. Today, modern fastening technology is part and parcel of the key technologies used to successfully fulfil future requirements, for example hybrid constructions for the automotive and aircraft industries or high-strength, corrosion-resistant connections for the offshore sector.

With its innovative technologies, Titgemeyer is also among the companies leading the way in the vehicle building sector. Our Lotte-based plant, which opened in the 1970s, was the launching pad for the production of our successful GETO Van body kit. Ever since, TITGEMEYER has continued to develop and sell an extensive range of innovative products and services in both of its “transport technology” and “fastening technology” divisions. Today, Titgemeyer Holding – which is managed by a third generation of the Tigemeyer family, Gerd-Christian and Manfred Titgemeyer – and Titgemeyer Group, managed by Dr. Joachim Sommer (Univ. Nebraska-Lincoln), ranks among the leading branch suppliers on the European market.

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