Fastening Technology

Flyers, brochures and manuals for all our products can be found in the table below.

Catalogues, brochures and information sheets

Produkt Printed matterNo.D GB NLPL
General Approval for Building No. Z-14.1-4 BrochuresTb1065PDF ./. ./../.
Fastening Technology Complete CatalogueB-Katalog 2015PDF ./. ./../.
International Edition B-Katalog Catalogue (Auszug)B-Katalog International 2011./. PDF ./.
Fastening Technology – At a glance FlyerTb1534 PDF PDF PDFPDF
Fastening Technology – Stainless Steel KatalogTb1485PDF PDF ./../.
Fastening Technology for Photovoltaic Installation FlyerTb1508PDF ./. ./../.
Blind Rivets for Hybrid Applications e.g. GRP BrochuresTb1549PDF ./. ./../.
PNT800L-PC Pneumatic Control (PC) Blindnietwerkzeug FlyerTb1500 PDF ./. ./../.
POP PB3400 AktionsflyerTb1670PDF ./. ./../.
RL 40I AktionsflyerTb1660PDF ./. ./../.
RL 50 und RL 50AS AktionsflyerTb1659PDF ./. ./.PDF
TIFAS® Folding-leg Rivets with DIBt Approval No. Z-14.1-537 BrochuresTb1520PDF ./. ./../.
TIFAS Maxgrip blind rivet FlyerTb1640PDF PDF ./../.
Sealants and Adhesives and Transport Technology Printed matter
Antislip soft VerarbeitungsanleitungTb1653PDF ./. ./../.
Bostik Marothaan VerarbeitungsanleitungTb1652PDF ./. ./../.
Sealants and Adhesives CatalogueTb1558PDF ./. ./../.
Dicht- und Klebstoffe für die Bahnindustrie FlyerTb1661PDF ./. ./../.
Dichtstoffe Raum- und Klimatechnik FlyerTb1570PDF ./. ./.PDF
GETO Tight Chemical Screw Locking FlyerTb1559PDF ./. ./../.
Industrial Products CatalogueK-KatalogPDF ./. ./../.

Blind rivets

ProductPrinted matterNo. DGB
POP Standard blind rivetsbrochureTb1396PDFPDF
POP Soft-Special blind rivetsbrochureTb1397PDFPDF
POP Soft-Set blind rivetsbrochureTb1398PDFPDF
POP LSR folding leg blind rivetsbrochureTb1399PDFPDF
TIFAS Star blind rivetsbrochureTb1555PDFPDF
POP blind rivets with grooved sleevebrochureTb1400PDFPDF
POP closed end blind rivetsbrochureTb1401PDFPDF
POP V-Grip blind rivetsbrochureTb1470PDFPDF
TIFAS Peel blind rivetsbrochureTb1576PDFPDF
TIFAS M-Bolt blind rivetsbrochureTb1622PDF./.
TIFAS multigrip blind rivetsbrochureTb1403PDFPDF
TIFAS blind rivetsbrochureTb1405PDFPDF
TIFAS closed end blind rivetsbrochureTb1545PDFPDF
TIFAS earthing rivetsbrochureTb1407PDFPDF
TIFAS bulb-tite blind rivetsbrochureTb1408PDFPDF
TIFAS Grip blind rivetsbrochureTb1447PDFPDF
TIFAS Grooved blind rivetsbrochureTb1575 PDFPDF
TIBULB blind rivetsbrochureTb1410PDFPDF
M-LOCK blind rivetsbrochureTb1411PDFPDF
MAGNA BULB blind rivetsbrochureTb1412PDFPDF
HUCKLOK blind rivetsbrochureTb1413PDFPDF
BOM blind rivetsbrochureTb1414PDFPDF
TIFAS plastic blind rivetsbrochureTb1453PDFPDF
TIFAS plastic clic rivetsbrochureTb1409PDFPDF
TIFAS plastic retaining clipsbrochureTb1456PDFPDF

Threaded inserts

Product Printed matterNo. D GB
RIV-TI blind rivet nuts brochureTb1415 PDF PDF
RIV-TI Plus blind rivet nuts brochureTb1415 PDF PDF
RIV-TI Flex blind nuts brochureTb1417 PDF PDF
RIV-TI Nylon blind nuts brochureTb1448 PDF PDF
RIV-TI captive nuts brochureTb1455 PDF PDF
RIV-TI anchor nuts brochureTb1418 PDF PDF
TIBOLT blind rivet studs brochureTb1419 PDF PDF
CAPTIVE press fasteners brochureTb1420 PDF PDF


Product Printed matterNo. D GB
DeltaBolt® lockbolt system brochureTb1607 PDF PDF
TIFAS® LockBolt Pin and collar fastening system brochureTb1421 PDF PDF
TIFAS® LockBolt HV Large diameter pins and collars brochureTb1423 PDF PDF
TIFAS® LockBolt Multigrip Pins and collars with extended grip range brochureTb1422 PDF PDF
Bobtail® lockbolt systems without pintail
brochureTb1535 PDF PDF
HUCKTAINER® Plus Pins and collars for plywood panels brochureTb1424 PDF PDF

Push on fastener

ProductPrinted matter No.D GB
STARLOCK push on fastener brochureTb1425 PDF PDF
STARLOCK push on fastener special brochure brochureTb1588 PDF PDF

Assembly systems

Product Printed matterNo. D GB
POLYSTIC cable clips ProspektTb1427 PDF PDF
POLYSTIC cable ties ProspektTb1459 PDF PDF
POLYSTIC assembly systems ProspektTb1428 PDF PDF
POLYSTIC caps ProspektTb1429 PDF PDF
POLYSTIC buffers ProspektTb1457 PDF PDF
POLYSTIC stand-offs ProspektTb1430 PDF PDF
POLYSTIC quick-release fasteners ProspektTb1431 PDF PDF
POLYSTIC push-push fasteners ProspektTb1458 PDF PDF

Installation tools

Produkt DrucksacheNr. D GBPLNL
Werkzeuge für Blindniete (Übersicht aller Werkzeuge) ProspektTb1432 PDF PDF ./../.
Werkzeuge für Gewindeträger (Übersicht aller Werkzeuge) ProspektTb1433 PDF PDF ./../.
Werkzeuge für Schließringbolzensysteme (Übersicht aller Werkzeuge) ProspektTb1434 PDF PDF ./../.
LSC 6010/7010 Hydraulische Einpressanlage ProspektTb1574 PDF ./.PDF./.
POP PB2500 Akku-Blindnietwerkzeug ProspektTb1541 PDF PDF ./../.
POP PB3400 Akku-Blindnietwerkzeug ProspektTb1663 PDF ./../../.
ProSert XTN20 Blindnietmuttern-Werkzeug ProspektTb1594 PDF ./../../.

ProSet Setzwerkzeuge für Blindniete

ProspektTb1563 PDF ./. ./../.
ProSet 1600 MCS Blindnietwerkzeug ProspektTb1442 PDF ./. ./../.
Pull-Link PB50 Akku-Blindnietwerkzeug ProspektTb1591 PDF PDF./../.
Schweißanlagen im POLYSTIC System ProspektTb1516 PDF PDF./../.
TIOS 1800 SRB Akku-Nietwerkzeug ProspektTb1507 PDF ./../../.
TIOS Control Prozesskontrolle ProspektTb1436 PDF PDF ./../.
TIOS EL18 Akku-Schließringbolzenwerkzeug ProspektTb1548 PDF PDF ./../.
TIOS ER15 Akku-Blindnietwerkzeug ProspektTb1519 PDF PDF./../.
TIOS EN18 Akku-Blindnietmutternwerkzeug ProspektTb1592 PDF PDF./../.
TIOS Akku-Werkzeuge ProspektTb1619 PDF PDF./../.

Operating Manuals and Spare parts list for Tools

Product CatalogueNr. D GBPLNL
MS 3 Riveting Tool Operating Manuals


PDF PDF./../.
MS 5 Riveting Tool Operating ManualsTb1316 PDF PDF./.PDF
MS 6M Riveting Tool Operating ManualsTb1315 PDF PDF./.PDF
MS 7 Riveting Tool Operating ManualsTb1314 PDF PDF./../.
MS 9 Riveting Tool Operating ManualsTb1318 PDF PDF./../.
MS 40A Riveting Tool Operating ManualsTb1305 PDF PDFPDF./.
MS 40A Riveting Tool Spare parts listTb1527 PDF PDF./../.
MS 50 Riveting Tool Spare parts listTb1530 PDF PDF./../.
MS 60, MS 60 HV Riveting Tool Operating ManualsTb1307 PDF PDF./../.
MS 60 Riveting Tool Spare parts listTb1531 PDF PDF./../.
MS 75 Riveting Tool Spare parts listTb1528 PDF PDF./../.
MS 100 Riveting Tool Spare parts listTb1529 PDF PDF./../.
POP PB2500 Battery-Operated Blind Rivet Tool Operating Manuals./. PDF PDF./../.
POP PNT800A Riveting Tool Operating ManualsTb1495 PDF ./../../.
POP PNT800L-PC Riveting Tool Operating ManualsTb1496 PDF ./../../.
POP PNT1000L-PC Riveting Tool Operating Manuals./. PDF ./../../.
POP PS25 Riveting Tool Operating Manuals./. PDF PDF./../.
ProSet 1600 MCS Blind Rivet Tool Operating ManualsTb1441 PDF ./../../.
ProSet 2500 MCS Blind Rivet Tool Operating ManualsTb1446 PDF ./../../.
ProSet 3400 MCS Blind Rivet Tool Operating ManualsTb1465 PDF ./../../.
ProSert XTN20 Blind Rivet Nut Tool Operating Manuals./. PDF PDFPDFPDF
R1 Handnietwerkzeug Operating ManualsTb1032 PDF PDF./../.
RL 12 Riveting Tool Operating Manuals./. PDF ./../../.
RL 15A Riveting Tool Operating Manuals./. PDF ./../../.
RL 20A Riveting Tool Operating Manuals./. PDF ./../../.
RL 40N Riveting Tool Operating Manuals./. PDF ./../../.
RL 50, 50A, 50S, 50 AS Riveting Tool Operating Manuals./. PDF ./../../.
RL 60N Riveting Tool Operating Manuals./. PDF ./../../.
RL 75 Riveting Tool Operating Manuals./. PDF ./../../.
RL 100 Riveting Tool Operating Manuals./. PDF PDF./../.
TIOS 4 Hand-Riveting Tool Operating ManualsTb1017 PDF ./../../.
TIOS 220 Riveting Tool Operating ManualsTb1311 PDF PDF./../.
TIOS 220 Riveting Tool Spare parts listTb1522 PDF PDF./../.
TIOS 6100 Sechskant-Schneidwerkzeug Operating ManualsTb1483 PDF ./../../.
TIOS ER15 Battery-Operated Blind Rivet Tool Operating ManualsTb1524 PDF PDF./../.
TIOS ER15 Battery-Operated Blind Rivet Tool Spare parts listTb1583 PDF ./../../.
TIOS EL18 Battery-operated Lockbolt Tool Operating ManualsTb1547 PDF PDF./../.
TIOS EL18 Battery-operated Lockbolt Tool Spare parts listTb1584 PDF ./../../.
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